St Peter's Community Primary School


Please click on the links below to download pdf versions of our policies.


Academically More Able Pupils Policy

Accident and First Aid Policy

Allergies Policy

Anti-Bullying PolicyBullying Guide for Parents and Anti Bullying Information for Children

Art Policy

Assessment for Learning Policy

Attendance Information and Persistent Absence Guide

Autism Policy

Behaviour Policy and Behaviour Policy COVID-19 Addendum

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children with Health Needs that Cannot Attend School Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and CP and Safeguarding Policy COVID-19 Addendum

Complaints Policy

Cultural Diversity Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Design and Technology Policy

English Policy

Equalities Policy and Equalities Statement and Objectives

EYFS Policy

E-Safety Policy

Food Policy

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Gender Equality Policy

Handwriting Policy

Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Literacy Policy

Maths Policy

Music Policy

Nursery Admissions Policy

PE Vision Statement

PSHE Policy

PSHE Curriculum Map

Pupil Premium Policy

Pupil Collection, Drop Off and Walking Home Policy

Privacy Notice - Pupils 2020

Privacy Notice - Staff and Other Adults 2020

Reading Policy

RE Policy

Restraint and Removal Policy

Science Policy

School Council Policy

Separated Parents Policy

Sex and Relationships Policy

SEN Policy, SEN Information Report 2019/2020 and SEND COVID 19 Addendum and SEN Parent Guide

Travel Plan

Visitor Policy

Whistleblowing Policy