St Peter's Community Primary School


St Peter's Community Primary School was rated as GOOD in our most recent inspection in October 2016.

Access the Ofsted report here: School Inspection Report 2016


Some of the key points from our Ofsted report are below:

  • The school’s inclusive, welcoming atmosphere and strong relationships ensure that pupils feel safe in school.

  • Pupils’ good behaviour, regular attendance and positive attitudes to school ensure that they achieve well.

  • The curriculum is well planned so that pupils learn a broad, balanced range of subjects.

  • Learning and school life contribute well to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

  • Pupils regularly complete creative and artistic activities, learn about historical events through topic work and respond very positively.

  • Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities make good progress from their starting points, including those who have complex needs.

  • Teachers give pupils regular opportunities to find out about differing viewpoints and values, including British values such as tolerance and a sense of fair play. Pupils are interested in what others have to say and respect religions and beliefs.

  • Teachers expect all pupils to do their best.

  • Governors work constructively with school leaders and with members of staff to check on the school’s performance.

  • Members of staff work well together as a team. Effective communication ensures the sharing of information.

  • Leaders respond promptly and seriously to any safeguarding issues.

  • Senior leaders and governors have steered the school effectively through a period of change as the school has grown from an infant to a primary school. They have maintained the school’s positive and inclusive atmosphere throughout. Good relationships and clear routines have maintained pupils’ good behaviour since the previous inspection.