St Peter's Community Primary School

After School Skills Clubs


Covid-19 update: please be aware that our skills after school clubs
below are all suspended from Monday 23rd March 2020.


Click on the clubs below to download the information letters on how to join.  

MONDAYS: Dance Club Y2 - 6 (starting January)

TUESDAYS: Football:- Y1 - 4 / KS2 Football: Y5 - 6 / Spanish: YN-6

WEDNESDAYS:  Netball Y5 & 6 (girls) 

THURSDAYS:  (Fizzpops Science Club Y1 - 6 is not running this term due to lack of interest - only one sign-up received)

FRIDAYS:  Karate - YR - 6 / Y5 & 6 Lunchtime Running Club