Our Vision, Ethos and Values

St Peter’s strives to be a school community in which the zest for learning enables everyone to become successful, caring, confident, and healthy citizens. We promote high expectations and take pride in our achievements, in an inherently supportive atmosphere.

Here, our children will be given the opportunities to take risks with their learning and develop resilience so that all can achieve to their greatest potential. Effective and dynamic learning experiences, designed to develop a sense of wonder, a joy of discovery and inquisitive minds, will ensure that they become life-long learners. 

Through a creative curriculum and the provision of stimulating, positive and challenging learning environments, their independence and creativity will be encouraged. We will enable them to develop skills such as perseverance that will allow them to solve problems, make informed choices and communicate effectively. Their self confidence will be encouraged in a safe and nurturing environment and the uniqueness of the individual will be acknowledged and valued to promote a sense of self-worth. 

By treating others the way we would wish to be treated and promoting positive attitudes and relationships, we will actively demonstrate that we value and respect the diversity of our community, accepting and learning from our differences and establishing a sense of identity, responsibility and belonging, both in our community and in the world. 

This passion for learning and for ensuring we play an active part in developing a better world, is key to everyone who has a role at St Peter's.