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Important: St Peter's is closed from Monday 4th January to all children except those of critical workers or vulnerable children. 

Please see our latest update letter below for more information:

Update letter to parents - 22nd January 2021

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Reception and Nursery New Starter Information




 COVID-19 Information

 The school’s procedure for dealing with suspected COVID cases is on our website here.

The school cannot answer individual queries requesting information about reported COVID cases.
There is no need to keep your child off school when the notification is of a suspected case.
We will notify you immediately of the results of any cases in your child’s class.



Latest Updates (please see News page for all letters) 

LATEST UPDATE LETTER to parents and carers (18/12/2020)

Christmas free school meals voucher guide for parents entitled to FSM

NHS letter to parents regarding testing (25/09/2020)

DfE guidance for parents about schools in the Autumn Term (30/11/2020)

PHE NHS letter to parents and guardians (23/09/2020)

Letter from the Director of Public Health to families (03/09/2020)

St Peter's Covid-19 Risk Assessment - version 26/11/2020

Brighton and Hove Parent Support Sign-posting Leaflet

Important Information for families requiring food support:

Brighton and Hove Food Poverty Advice Website

The city’s new community hub offers residents a referral point to ask for help, including food. Details can be found here.
This includes help for families who have children under five and need access to a children’s centre foodbank. 
There are also further details on what is available on 
this food partnership website.

 Temporary Start/Finish Times



Brighton and Hove's attendance campaign, Miss School Miss Out, is promoted by the video below, starring some of our very own pupils! 

The video is to promote good attendance in primary schools.

Brighton and Hove Attendance video

Download our Studybugs app for absence reporting here:


Headteacher's Welcome

St Peter’s is a one form entry, friendly, family orientated school and we are proud of how we work in partnership with parents/carers and the wider community. From what was originally an infant school, built in 1906, we have grown into an all-through primary and nursery school for children aged 3-11.  Our admission numbers are 218 pupil spaces in the school as we became a full primary school in 2016.  We also offer a choice of 15 or 30 hours a week in our nursery. 

At St Peter’s we seek to nurture and develop our pupils into high achieving, confident and articulate young people whose primary education equips them to go confidently in to secondary education. We are ambitious for all our children, both academically and socially, and our aim as a school, just like as a parent, is based around what we believe is best for the children. We strive to provide the best quality that we can find or afford; the best teachers, the best facilities, the best visits and visitors and in essence the best education, so that our children love school and love learning.

Everyone here is committed to providing stimulating high quality learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom. We teach our children to be curious, to ask questions, and to be thinkers. We help them to understand that we all make mistakes and that we can learn from them. By creating an environment in which we can develop their confidence and self-belief, we hope to prepare them to take on challenge, and become confident, well rounded young people who see life as being a glass that is half full, not half empty.

At St Peter’s we believe that we should treat other people the way we wanted to be treated. We encourage the children here to grow up to be nice people: to be kind and generous; funny and thoughtful; and to be honest and truthful. Good behaviour and mutual respect is a whole school expectation. Through sport and learning activities we encourage our pupils to be team players and to bring out the best in each other by working together. As part of our curriculum and in our charitable events, we aim to encourage them to do good in the world, to think beyond just what is best for themselves, but what will make the world, in even a small way, a better place.

We hope our website will give you some insight into our happy school where our children and staff have a deep enthusiasm and love for learning.

Important!  With regard to bad weather conditions, please note that we will notify parents by text if the school is to be closed. School closures should be announced by text and on our school website.


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Sussex Coast Teaching School Alliance (STCTSA)

St Peter's Community Primary School is a member of the Sussex Coast Teaching School Alliance(SCTSA).  Sussex Coast TSA will take a lead role in helping schools across the city and beyond to develop and improve.  In particular, working with schools to develop leadership, train new teachers and drive up standards.  For more information please see the link below: