St Peter's Community Primary School

Useful Links


Brighton and Hove "Safe in the City"

Useful Information for Parents in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove Food Poverty Advice

Brighton and Hove Food Project - accessing low cost meals

Citizen's Advice - Brighton and Hove

How to Find an NHS Dentist in Brighton and Hove

Urgent Care Information in Brighton and Hove


Internet Safety links

General links 


Year 1 links 


Year 2 links (Caterpillar Ordering, Number Fact Families, Hit the Button, Dartboard Double and Half and the Toy Shop Money Game are particularly great games) (Fairies in the Fog, Pay for It, Change Exchanger, Mummy Number Lines and 100 Hunt Plus 10 are great games)  (your child has a login for this website stuck in his/her reading diary) (DJ Cow's Spelling Patterns and Tell A T-Rex are particularly good games)


Year 5 links

Literacy (revision and explanations about grammar with quizzes to help you practise) (if you want something to inspire you to practise writing in every genre you can think of, then look here for some ideas to start you off…of course, ultimately it is down to your imagination!)

Maths (lots of fun games and explanations about all the maths topics we cover) (some good general resources for all maths)  (try this for all sorts of puzzles and challenges)



Year 6 links

Maths (10 minutes daily will greatly increase mental maths skills) (Working on the 4 operations for simple number problems) (fractions games)

Literacy (to help with word classes) (practise using commas) (spelling prefixes and suffixes)