St Peter's Community Primary School


Our pupils are able to access a wide range of after school clubs each day at St Peter's and we are also able to offer Breakfast Club provision at a local school, St Mary's Catholic Primary School. 

Results from our Autumn 2018 After School Club Questionnaire can be viewed here.

Breakfast Club

We currently offer a Breakfast Club at St Mary's Catholic Primary School, which is run by Mr George Hance, Sports Co-ordinator.  Parents can drop off their children at 7.45am and children are collected by St Peter's staff and brought to school in time for registration. For more information, click below:

St Mary's and St Peter's Breakfast Club 

After School Clubs


Click on the club below to download the information letter on how to join.  



MONDAYS: Athletics KS2 (Years 4, 5 & 6) / Cookery Club: Y1 & 2 (Spring 2) - awaiting letter

Football Fixtures 2019 UPDATED 06/03/19 and Girls' Football Fixtures 2019 UPDATED 22/03/19

TUESDAYS: Spanish: YN - 6 / Football:- Y1 - 4 / KS2 Football: Y5 - 6 / Art Club Y2 - 4

WEDNESDAYS: Y3 & 4 Book Club / Y1 & 2 Yoga Club 

THURSDAYS:  Y1 - 3 Tennis Club / Y3 - 6 Quilling Club (starts MAY) / Y1 - 6 Fizzpop Science Clu(this will resume in summer term 2 as the instructor isn't available)

FRIDAYS:  Karate - YR - 6 / Y5 & 6 Lunchtime Running Club


SID’S (Healthy Little Steps) BREAKFAST CLUB- coming soon!

Mental health and Physical well-being with a twist! A refreshing brain and body boosting club for children to help them develop a greater understanding of the benefits of eating smart, staying active and managing mind power.  We aim to inform and inspire children by encouraging a playful and fascinating outlook on personal health, well-being and educational attainment. The club will be physical but not technically challenging, linking insights and games with food and body science to help carry key messages.

We will be looking for families willing to become FREE club members, in return for contributing toward extensive feed-back assessment questions. Parents/guardians/carers will also be welcome.  More information will follow soon about days and times!