St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 2 Home Learning

Please click on the links below for the Year 2 Home Learning resources.

Remember E-Safety when using external links and allowing your child on You Tube.  Please set up an account that you can monitor and ensure your child is supervised when using it.

We do not support any personal downloading, editing or re-sharing of our staff's YouTube links, or access for those outside of St. Peter's.


General resources

Stories to help children understand the Coronavirus:

Dave The Dog is Worried about Coronavirus

Hello, I am a Virus


Miss Barnes's You Tube Links

Introduction to story time, with Miss Barnes!

The Robot and the Bluebird

One Day on our Blue Planet In the Ocean

The Jumblies

Matilda: Chapters 'The Hat and the Superglue' + 'The Ghost'


Weeks of 6th and 13th April 2020 (Easter Holidays)

Year 2 Week 3 & 4 Home Learning

Year 2 Letter from Miss Barnes - WEEK 3&4

Year 2 Mrs Savage letter 3 Apr 2020

Year 2 Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Ideas

Year 2 Design an Easter Egg

Year 2 Design your own Easter Eggs

Year 2 Easter Egg Symmetry

Year 2 Easter Mindfulness Colouring Pages

Year 2 Easter Morning Handprint Scene

Year 2 Easter Quiz

Year 2 Easter Word Searches (WITH ANSWERS FOR PARENTS)

Year 2 Egg Box Chick

Year 2 Natural Materials Cross

Year 2 Paper Plate peek-a-boo Bunny

Year 2 The Robot and the Bluebird - Springtime Image


Week of 30th March 2020

Year 2 Letter from Miss. Barnes - WEEK 2

Year 2 Home Learning Timetable

Year 2 Week 2 Home Learning

Year 2 Creative Writing Questions

Year 2 Egg Box Daffodil Instructions

Year 2 Egg Box Daffodil Template

Year 2 Fingerprint Flowers Instructions

Year 2 Homophones - There Their and They're

Year 2 Postcard Template

Year 2 Roald Dahl Reading and Quiz Paper (WITH ANSWERS FOR PARENTS)

Year 2 Challenge Version - Roald Dahl Reading and Quiz Paper (WITH ANSWERS FOR PARENTS)

Year 2 Robot Number Bonds ARABIC TRANSLATION

Year 2 Robot Number Bonds

Year 2 Spring Hunt Checklist

Year 2 The Easter Story Powerpoint

Year 2 Ways to support your Well-Being - Key Stage One Children

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words

Year 2 Yoghurt Pot Frog Instructions

Year 2 100 Square

Year 2 All About Easter Powerpoint

Year 2 British Money Poster

Year 2 Capital Letter Handwriting

Year 2 Cardboard Tube Blossom Instructions

Year 2 Coin Recognition and Names

Year 2 Continuous Cursive Letter Handwriting

Year 2 Counting Mixed Coins (WITH ANSWERS FOR PARENTS)


Week of 23rd March 2020

Year 2 Introduction to Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning Activities Week 1

Year 2 Home Learning Timetable

Year 2 Starter Ideas

Year 2 Spelling the Months of the Year

Year 2 Spelling Numbers 1 - 20 in Words

Year 2 Sentence Openers