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Year 6

This term in Pavilion Class...

Welcome back children and parents to a packed-out Summer term of exploration and learning! We will begin the Summer Term learning about Myths and Legends from a wide variety of sources and cultures from around the world. Using Rachel Piercey’s fantastic anthology of poems, ‘Falling out of the Sky’ we will explore some of the most famous and other obscure stories including, Odysseus’s encounter with the Sirens, Ginnungagap and St, Francis of Assisi and the wolf of Gubbio. After half-term, to coincide with the delayed Tokyo Games, we will begin learning about the origin of the modern Olympic Games and some of the significant events that have occurred throughout its history, such as the 1980s boycotts and the Black Power protests at the 1968 games.

In Maths, we are learning about geometry where we will be finding out how to measure angles and calculate missing angles at a point, on a straight line and in 2D shapes. In data and statistics, children will be reading and interpreting data presented in line graphs, as well as drawing their own line graphs. We will also be consolidating written methods for multiplying and dividing numbers including decimals. Finally, we will revise methods for adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators.

In Science, the class will be learning about changes of state including solubility, reversible or irreversible changes and conductors of electricity. In July, we’ll also be learning about animals and their habitats including the life cycles of birds, mammals and amphibians.

In Art, we will use pointillism to represent animals in some of the creation myths associated with Aboriginal culture. Inspired by some of the mythical characters featured in Marvel and DC comics, children will also create their own comic strips inspired by an ancient Greek myth they have learnt.

In Spanish, we will learn how to share our interests and listen and understand interests of fellow classmates. Following that, children will explore the famous Spanish story of Don Quixote, which children will learn and retell.

In P.E., the class will improve their tennis skills of forehand, backhand and volley and in music, we’ll be learning about inspirational women in the music industry through the ages. As we approach the end of Year 6, children will begin some transition activities, beginning with the residential trip to Blackland Farm. There will also be many other fun activities planned as a sensational send off and to mark the end of the children’s time as pupils at St. Peter’s!

Mr Logue

Year 6 teacher 



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Secondary school application deadline: 31st October 2020.
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