St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 5

This term in Lighthouse Class...

What an exciting Summer term ahead of us in Year 5! This term’s main topic is called Myths and Legends, where we’ll be learning about a number of different mythical or legendary stories including: The Adventures of Odysseus, Robin Hood and Persephone and Hades. We’ll be writing about what it must have been like for Odysseus during his voyage on the stormy seas and we’ll also be re-telling how Hades tried to encourage Persephone to stay with him through a number of drama techniques.

In Maths, we are learning about geometry where we’ll be finding out how to identify angles and the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes. We’ll then be moving on to find out how to use a protractor and drawing our own angles. Then we’ll be learning about position and movement and how to translate coordinates to different positions on a grid, followed by the translation of a range of 2D shapes.

In Science, we’ll be learning about changes of state including solubility, reversible or irreversible changes and conductors of electricity. In July, we’ll also be learning about animals and their habitats including the life cycles of birds, mammals and amphibians.

In Art, we’ll be studying the legendary stories of Marvel comic books and studying the work of Stan Lee. Furthermore, we’ll be learning about JMW Turner and studying how he created his seascape portraits.

In Spanish, we’ll be learning about how to describe our days at school and what our favourite subjects are.

In P.E. we’ll be improving our tag rugby skills and in music, we’ll be learning how to perform the song Dancing in the Streets by Martha and the Vandellas. Towards the end of the term, we’ll be going on a trip to the Adur Activity Centre to have a go at climbing, bushcraft and low ropes – this is something to really look forward to!

Mr Ward

Year 5 teacher

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