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This term in Lagoon Class...

It has been a hectic 8 weeks this school term and they have flashed by; it is as if none of us have ever been away! All the children in year 3 and 4 have settled quickly back into school life and we have been able to spend the first half of the Autumn term re-establishing a regular school routine, rekindling friendships and recapping on the learning from last year as well as beginning to fill in some of the gaps which have inevitably arisen with nearly 6 months away from school. We are now ready to jump back into a more topic based curriculum again in the second half of the term. Sadly, we cannot have any trips or visitors to the school but we can still have an exciting and creative stunning start, marvellous middle and fabulous finish.

We have decided to continue with the topic route we planned for last year, since unfortunately we were unable to complete and in some cases even start the learning we had intended to explore. For this second half of term we will be tackling a geography and history topic; Different Places Similar Lives.  This looks at a country and its famous figures who have left a lasting and relevant legacy from each of the three continents of Asia, Africa and North America. In addition we will be finishing off  the science forces topic we started a few weeks ago and of course we will be continuing to develop the children’s skills in music, PE and art. It goes without saying that we will carry on building their confidence in maths and writing through a combination of filling the gaps left by lockdown and moving on with this academic year’s curriculum goals. As always PSHE is embedded in every aspect of school life here at St Peters and at the moment we are particularly focusing on building a range of skills to help all pupils work both in teams and independently. This will be closely linked to the characteristics of the learning friends which we continue to use on a daily basis.      

As you will probably have noticed lockdown has made us more digitally aware. As part of our program to increase all pupils’ digital literacy so they are more prepared for what is very clearly an ever more online future, please look at Teams each week for home learning.

Please note, PE is still taking place on a Tuesday for both classes, so please continue to send pupils in wearing their PE kit on a Tuesday. As the weather grows increasingly inclement we are happy for them to wear dark tracksuit bottoms instead of, or over the top of shorts.

Finally, we do want children to have as much playtime outside as possible, therefore please do make sure they bring suitable outdoor clothing every day. It is very difficult to allow a child to play outside in cold, damp, or drizzly weather if they do not bring a coat to wear at school.

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