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Year 2

This term in Yellow Class...

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term break.

For Autumn 2 in Yellow Class, we will be starting the topic ‘Winter Sleep’, which is based on our key text ‘Winter Sleep’ by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss. We will be using the ‘Power of Reading’ programme of study to support our learning in Literacy, using this text. The story of ‘Winter Sleep’ also supports the teaching of non-fiction and scientific information regarding animals (with a focus on habitats and hibernation), seasons and the natural world.

The children will continue to take part in weekly phonics and cursive handwriting sessions, where we will revise our knowledge of phase 5b, before moving onto phase 6 (spelling based). As part of national Government testing in schools, Year 2 pupils will now undertake the Phonics Screening Check prior to the Christmas holidays. This is because the Year 1 June 2020 Screening Check was cancelled, due to Covid restrictions. The screening check for Year 2 at St. Peter’s will take place over the course of the week beginning Monday 30th November. The children will not be told that this is a formal test and will see the activity as a phonics game, which imitates a learning task that they are already very familiar with.

In handwriting, we have begun to use our new handwriting books, which promote the use of a more complex line structure to support our formation of cursive letters. They also promote the consistent formation of appropriately sized letters in writing.

During our ‘Maths No Problem’ lessons, we will begin the Year 2 topic of ‘Addition and Subtraction’ before moving onto ‘Multiplication and Division’ before the Christmas holidays, which includes the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will be using our knowledge to create and solve problems and devise our own equations from questions posed.

On a Tuesday, Miss. Ransley will introduce the children to both Christian and Muslim signs, symbols and traditional artefacts. They will explore the story of Christmas and traditional Christian customs, whilst thinking carefully about the gift of giving and the everyday ways that this can take place. During Spanish, she will help the children to develop their understanding and speaking skills through songs, rhymes and talk partner practice. In Music, the children will use the programme ‘Charanga’ to help them repeat and create rhythms and beats, in addition to learning and rehearsing Christmas songs later in the half term.

Please note that our P.E day has now changed to Wednesday. We will continue our module ‘Attack, Defend, Shoot’ before moving onto ‘Dance’.

Our trainee student teacher, Miss. Mullholland, will continue to support and teach in Year 2 this half term, with her last day being Friday 20th November. The children have really enjoyed getting to know Miss. Mulholland and she has been a great support to the teaching and learning taking place in Yellow Class. She will be back at St. Peter’s after the Easter holidays.

Our KS1 home reading system will begin on Monday 9th November. Please see Mrs. Lawrie’s latest letter on the school website for more information regarding this.

If you are at home isolating, or wish to complete home learning activities this half term, please check our Year 2 TEAMS home learning platform for regular updates on ideas and activities.

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