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Year 2 Autumn 1 2021 – this half term’s learning

We are starting out on a new year and we hope that this time it will be as normal as possible! There is catching up for us all to do in our learning, because of the impact of Covid on the children over the last 18 months. We have plans in place to help them make accelerated progress, but we will, as always, ensure that learning is fun, varied and engaging with plenty of variety and practical experiences.

This half term we are continuing to work hard on our phonics and reading, focusing on developing rapid word recognition skills using all the phonemes we have learnt and are continuing to learn so that we are reading with increasing fluency and expression and of course building a growing vocabulary all the time. We are also having a focus on handwriting working on fluency and consistency and developing joined cursive handwriting skills. In literacy we are studying a lovely picture book this half term, talking a lot about the story and what we know not just from the words but also the pictures. In maths we are continuing to work on counting skills and building our knowledge of place value before moving on to adding and subtracting. We are working hard to use a range of concrete materials to help us really build a firm understanding of number, moving to more abstract approaches when we are secure in our knowledge of what number means. Our topic is Brainwave where we explore how we learn in a variety of practical activities problem solving activities that encourage team work and talking together to find solutions.

Just to remind you that PE is on Mondays and Thursdays and children should come to school in their kit on these days as we are not currently getting changed in school.

At the moment homework is limited to reading. Please do listen to your children read each day and let us know how they have got on with the book by making comments in the reading diary. We will endeavour to change the book as soon as it is returned. Of course, some children will take several days to complete a book, especially as they become more secure readers and are given longer books to tackle. We will shortly be sending home phonics sheets to practise. We will provide more information on this shortly. After half term I will also set home learning tasks related to our topic in the second half of the term.

Finally, if you do have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me and I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours. You can, of course, continue to catch me at the gate in the mornings or after school. If I am not at the gate for any reason you can always pass a message through Mrs Foster who we are lucky enough to have working with us every day.

Mrs Palmer

Year 2 Letter re Reading Oct21

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