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Year 2

This term in Yellow Class...

Welcome to Year 2!

This half term Yellow Class will start the school year by discussing our recent time spent at home, get to know their classroom adults and explore new classroom routines and structures. We will think carefully about what makes an effective learner and how we can use our learning characters to help us achieve our best. We will devise a Yellow Class classroom agreement to help keep us happy and safe, examine what ‘friendship’ means and think about what makes a good friend. Learning about our ‘Just Right’ programme also helps us to understand our feelings and practice both physical and mental well-being strategies. Together we will explore not only what keeps our bodies but also our minds healthy, such as getting a good night’s sleep, enjoying a limited amount of screen time during the week, eating a varied and healthy diet, as well as getting enough exercise.

Due to many children being absent from school since March, teachers will be assessing the children and identifying any gaps in their learning from last year, in order to inform their planning going forward. The children will take part in daily phonics and handwriting catch up sessions, basic number and mathematical knowledge and skills practice, explore a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts as a whole class, as well as take part in weekly Music, R.E and Spanish sessions led by Miss. Ransley on a Tuesday. This half term we will be focussing on modules ‘Gymnastics’ and ‘Attack, Defend, Shoot’ in P.E.

We have a trainee student teacher, Miss. Mulholland, joining us for the Autumn term this year in Yellow Class, starting from Monday 5th November. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourselves, as she gets to know our community here at St. Peter’s.

If you are at home isolating, or wish to complete home learning activities this half term, please check our Year 2 TEAMS home learning platform for regular updates on ideas and activities.

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