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Year 2 Spring 2022 – this half term’s learning

We are already well back into the swing of school and it seems that the Christmas break has been great for consolidating some of the learning we did last term as the children are already making progress in their reading, writing and maths, rapidly building on what we had learnt. There has been some brilliant reading and writing in particular!

You will see from the topic web on the website for Year 2 that we will be focusing on a humanities topic this half term. We will be looking at jobs people do today and how these are both the same and different to those which were done in the past. We are looking in particular at the local community both in terms of important jobs done by people to help us in our lives and also how our local environment is organised. This will be complimented by our PSHE which is all about setting goals and working together to achieve these, as well as our literacy text which focuses on a little girl with great ambitions and how she works with her community and her family to share these.

Whilst our curriculum, as always, will be diverse with plenty of varied activities and experiences to engage and enthuse the children about their learning, I will continue to focus extensively on the fundamental skills of reading and writing. As you know, these underpin every aspect of learning and it is crucial that we continue to catch up on, and fill the gaps which still remain as a result of the impact of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021. To that end please do support your children by listening to them read to you from their book each day, as well as practising the phonics or spelling sheets sent home and, if you can find the time, please do read to them from a story book either from school or one of your own from home or the local library. The more exposure they have to reading, including listening to stories, the better readers they will be.

Just a couple of housekeeping points for year 2 generally:

  • We will now have PE on a Wednesday afternoon, so please do send your children to school in their PE kit on Wednesdays. As the weather is frequently wet at the moment and generally cold we will not be able to have outside PE at the moment. However, we are very aware of the need for regular breaks and physical exercise and know how much it contributes to good learning, so we will continue to have frequent short breaks for exercise inside and outside the classroom.
  • A reminder that PE kit is a white T shirt and black shorts or tracksuit bottoms at this time of year and trainers or plimsolls which should only be lace-up if your child can do their own laces.
  • Please send your child to school every day with a water bottle. There is plenty of research to show that drinking water regularly to keep properly hydrated really does aid learning.
  • Please make sure your child’s jumper is very clearly marked with their name. We very often struggle to read names on jumpers and if they are not named it is impossible for us to know which child in which class a school jumper belongs to.
  • Please make sure that your child comes into school with a coat every day, as they will need this for outside play and exercise times.
  • A further reminder that school uniform does not include leggings for girls and shoes must be black please.
  • Finally, we have recently invested heavily in new sets of reading books as part of a new scheme for teaching phonics. Reading books sent home must please be in book bags every day and will be exchanged for the next week’s book on a Friday. However, we can only give children a new book if the old one is returned to ensure that we keep complete sets of books for subsequent groups of children to read. If you find your child is not bringing home a book this is because they have not returned a book or books sent home last term. Please look for these and return them as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Mrs Palmer

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