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Spring term: Year 5's new topic for Spring will be Earth as an Island where we will be learning about different areas of the world and their geographical features, including how they may have changed over time and how this may have effected the island's population. We'll also be building on our map reading skills by learning how to read grid references. We'll be starting this topic in the New Year by sharing a selection of fruit or vegetables and then discussing where this food originated from and how globalisation means now means most fruits and vegetables can be bought all over the world!  
This term, Year 5 will also be improving our athletics skills ahead of the Indoor Athletics tournament which we'll be attending soon; as well as learning more about cricket. In Maths, our main focus for Spring term is fractions, where we'll be learning how to compare and order fractions and then moving on to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.  In Literacy, in line with our environmental topic, we'll be doing some persuasive writing about climate change and learning about the role played by Greta Thunberg. Our main text for next term will be Kensuke's Kingdom by Micheal Morporgo. This book tells of how a young boy named Michael mysteriously disappears the night before his twelfth birthday. The next morning, Michael finds himself washed up on a beach on a remote island with a bowl of water and some grilled fish next to him! 

Mr Ward - Year 5 Teacher

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