St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 6

This term in Pavilion Class...

The children have all remarked how quickly the first term flew by and have returned to school full of zest and eager to learn. This term our new topic ‘Magnificent Mayans’ will kick off with some art, craft activities and drama. We will work collaboratively on various research topics and develop our ability to work more independently in other subjects.


In PE we are creating gymnastic sequences and keeping fit with cardio circuit training. We will continue with daily maths and literacy learning; building on previous knowledge and developing problem solving.

During science lessons, we will be exploring theories of evolution and investigating how animals have adapted to suit their environment.


In addition to this, we will inevitably be practising and preparing for the SATs to ensure the children are familiar with the types of questions and time constraints.


Miss Seevaramen- Year 6 teacher

Year 6 children's update:


"Once we arrived at Brighton College, our Coach (Mr Logue) explained our positions and we practised some passing techniques.

Unbelievably, our first match was against the most experienced team - Brighton College.  Understandably, we felt apprehensive.

This then turned to annoyance when they scored 3 - 0!  But we didn't let this get us down; we improved as a team and our confidence grew and although we didn't win, we had an amazing time."

Year 6 Girls' Football Club members


"The day started off with a frustrating 30 minute wait for the minibus.  Whilst on the minibus, our Manager (Mr Logue) discussed formations and tactics.  After practice, we started our first match of the tournament.  It was an interesting one, as we were still getting used to how each of us play and our formations.

In total we played 6 matches and played well considering it was our first tournament.  All the boys enjoyed it and we hope to do well in the school league.  We hope the St Peter's younger children will take part in this tournament too."

Year 6 Boys' Football Club members

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Information from the Year 6 SATs meeting can be downloaded here:

SATs and transition meeting notes

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