St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 6

This term in Pavilion Class...

We’ve had a brilliant start to year 6. The class have settled well and are proving themselves to be good role models now that they are the oldest in the school! Each morning we have been jumping around and smiling as we under take our morning exercise to energise our minds and bodies to prepare for our day’s learning. 

We launched our new topic ‘Go West!’ at the start of the term by joining forces with year 5; line dancing in the hall with Miss Wiszniewska and Miss Ward, creating native American dream catchers with Mrs Palmer and working as a team to build pioneer shelters with Ms Seevaramen. 

This term we will be learning about America - the history, cultures and geographical landscape.

In science, which will be taught by Mr Haywood, we will be developing our understanding of electricity and circuits.

Miss Seevaramen- Year 6 teacher

Year 6 children's update:


"Once we arrived at Brighton College, our Coach (Mr Logue) explained our positions and we practised some passing techniques.

Unbelievably, our first match was against the most experienced team - Brighton College.  Understandably, we felt apprehensive.

This then turned to annoyance when they scored 3 - 0!  But we didn't let this get us down; we improved as a team and our confidence grew and although we didn't win, we had an amazing time."

Year 6 Girls' Football Club members


"The day started off with a frustrating 30 minute wait for the minibus.  Whilst on the minibus, our Manager (Mr Logue) discussed formations and tactics.  After practice, we started our first match of the tournament.  It was an interesting one, as we were still getting used to how each of us play and our formations.

In total we played 6 matches and played well considering it was our first tournament.  All the boys enjoyed it and we hope to do well in the school league.  We hope the St Peter's younger children will take part in this tournament too."

Year 6 Boys' Football Club members

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