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Year 6

This term in Pavilion Class...

As we approach the final weeks at St Peter’s, year 6 will be doing some more work on transition. It is vital that we prepare our children for the challenges they will face in their new school; dealing with the excitement of making new friends and preparing them for different teaching styles. We will also have some year 7 pupils come in to discuss what the transition was like for them and provide an opportunity for the class to ask questions.


In class, we will also be learning about relationship and sex Education, newspaper writing, understanding Islam, Ancient Greece, The heart and maths problem solving. We will also be spending a great deal of time acting, singing and dancing to practice the year 6 production ‘Fleeced’!


On the 17th July, we look forward to a day out at ‘The Safety in Action’ workshop; children will participate in activities that are designed to make them think about their safety as they develop their independence.


Miss Seevaramen- Year 6 teacher

Year 6 Residential Information

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Year 6 children's update:


"Once we arrived at Brighton College, our Coach (Mr Logue) explained our positions and we practised some passing techniques.

Unbelievably, our first match was against the most experienced team - Brighton College.  Understandably, we felt apprehensive.

This then turned to annoyance when they scored 3 - 0!  But we didn't let this get us down; we improved as a team and our confidence grew and although we didn't win, we had an amazing time."

Year 6 Girls' Football Club members


"The day started off with a frustrating 30 minute wait for the minibus.  Whilst on the minibus, our Manager (Mr Logue) discussed formations and tactics.  After practice, we started our first match of the tournament.  It was an interesting one, as we were still getting used to how each of us play and our formations.

In total we played 6 matches and played well considering it was our first tournament.  All the boys enjoyed it and we hope to do well in the school league.  We hope the St Peter's younger children will take part in this tournament too."

Year 6 Boys' Football Club members

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Information from the Year 6 SATs meeting can be downloaded here:

SATs and transition meeting notes

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