St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 5

This term in Lighthouse Class...

Year 5 are really excited about the topic for this term, Go West! in which they will be learning all about the exciting history and amazing geography of the USA! They have already experienced a great stunning start when they made dream catchers, built shelters (like the pioneers did), learnt some line dancing (like the cowboys of the wild west) and watched some of Hollywood’s earliest movies (whilst eating popcorn of course!). We have started exploring Native American tales and will soon be writing some versions of our own, as well as looking at American poetry and more modern stories about North America.  In addition, we will be exploring traditional Native American art, dance and music.

Year 5 are continuing to enjoy swimming, which we have been practising for the last few weeks, along with dance and a daily 10-minute activity to get their hearts really beating hard, so their bodies are all fired up and ready to learn!

Naturally we will be having a daily maths focus and this term we are concentrating on consolidating our fluency in all the number operations (so please do plenty of times tables practise) and we are also going to be working on developing our ability to reason about number, in other words solve word problems and explain our answers.

Mrs Palmer- Year 5 teacher

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