St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 4

This term in Harbour Class...

We’ve had a brilliant start to year 4. The class have settled well and are impressing me every day with the excellent attitude towards learning and the respect with which they treat each other and their schoolmates. Each morning we have been waking and shaking our bodies to fully enable our minds to grow and develop.

Many children returned to school totally enthused and fully armed with knowledge about our topic ‘Settlers & Invaders’ and have continued to keenly explore Celts & Romans in our stunning start and topic lessons. The class really enjoyed designing their own Celt symbols and using them to paint their bodies and faces and they completely embraced Celt culture by developing their own fables as tribes.

Our Wednesday lessons at the King Alfred are going swimmingly and I have already seen a great improvement. 

In literacy this term, we will be focusing on quest stories, specifically using the story of Perseus and Medusa to help us learn the structure of this particular genre.

In science we will be learning about sound. What creates it, how it travels and what makes some sounds different to others.

Mr Logue - Year 4 teacher

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