St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 3

This term in Lagoon Class...

It’s been an energising start to year 3! During our ‘Learning to Learn’ week, activities ranged from sharing what makes St Peter’s such a special place, to finding out about how our amazing brains work and how, with effort and persistence, we can make them work even better!

On our ‘Invaders and Settlers’ topic launch day, Year 3 and 4 joined together to participate in a Celtic Tale workshop. The children learned about Celtic Art, created their own Celtic fable and, with much excitement, painted each other’s faces blue using their own Celtic tribe warrior designs. Next, we will be looking at a range of sources in order to gain an understanding of the impact the Roman Empire had on life in Britain. Our Art work will be focused on Roman Gods and Goddesses using a range of media.

In addition to our daily wake up shake up exercises, the children will be working with our P.E. specialist to develop their ‘invasion games’ skills. In gymnastics the children will link actions and sequences of movement leading to a performance.

Using ‘Invaders and Settlers’ as inspiration, the children will be planning and writing a Quest story. So far, they have been enthralled by the story of Perseus and Medusa, particularly delighting in the snakes sprouting out of Medusa’s head! In Maths we will be using a variety of hands-on activities to learn more about Place Value and Addition and Subtraction and applying our reasoning skills to solve problems. In Science we will be finding out about forces and magnets.

It’s been great to see so many children bringing things in and sharing their home learning with each other. We look forward to sharing more home learning this term.

Miss Prebble - Year 3 teacher

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