St Peter's Community Primary School

Year 1

This term in Blue Class...

Our first IPC topic in Year 1 is ‘How are you?’. This unit gives the children a chance to learn about what makes them healthy. They will find out about the right foods to eat, about the doctors who discovered medicines, how exercise keeps the body healthy and why some people in the world don't have drinking water.The children will have the chance to become researchers and scientists and explore many different areas of health. In Science and P.E. we will become experts in how to keep our bodies healthy, covering nutrition, exercise, rest and disease.  In Literacy, PHSE and SEAL we will be exploring our relationships with family and friends. Our focus text is ‘Grace and Family’ by Mary Hoffman, which will inspire a variety of writing including diary entries and instructions. In Maths, we will be counting, reading and writing numbers to 30 and learning to make number bonds and stories. With Miss Woosley, we’ll be learning how to greet each other, ask someone their name and how they are feeling in Spanish;  in R.E. we will be learning to recognise elements of Harvest and how people express their thankfulness and in Music we will be learning about the difference between pulse and rhythm.

Please take time to read our curriculum letter and topic web for detailed information on all of our learning and ideas for home learning activities.

Mrs Mannion - Year 1 teacher

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